Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two More with White Card Base

Hello Everyone!  My last post contained cards I made with white bases.  Hope you enjoyed that post and the cards.  Well I guess I haven't got it out of my system yet.  Here are 2 more cards with white bases.  The bottom card was on my list to make right after I had leg surgery and got out of the hospital.  Oh, I forgot to mention that was in September of 2013. I had cut out all the pieces I needed and put them in a plastic bag.  Well I ran across them again today, so I decided I would sit down and put it together. The top card is from my curiosity with washi tape. I think it turned out pretty good.  As usual, I thank all those whose blog I get my inspiration from.  Until next time . . . . .  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

White Card Base

Hello everyone!  I made some quick cards this past week and I chose to use the same base with different style fronts.  As usual, I got my inspiration from some of my favorite blogs.  I am so thankful for those who keep me going.  I see some beautiful cards and some of them challenge me to see what I can do.  Here is what I made.  Hope you like what you see. 
I'm trying to redo my blog and get it back in order so please forgive me for not having a guest book for you to sign right now.  Hopefully I will have one again soon.  I have not been keeping up with what has been happening and a lot has changed with the blogs, but I am going to get it together. 
So until next time  . . . .