Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It Won't Be Long . . . . .

Hello Everyone! Well it won't be long until Christmas. My friend and I got together and made cards. I decided to get started on making some of the Christmas Cards I'll need for this year. I have been putting it off, but finally, a start! I usually make between 80 - 100 cards and last year I had some left over, so If I can get my get up and go to get up and go, I might have it made. So instead of me sitting hear talking about what I need to do, I'm gonna get back to work. So until next time . . . . .
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall is Just a Week Away

Hello Everyone!!! Do you believe summer is just about over and the arrival of Fall is just around the corner. With all that said, here are some cards to get you in the mood.The first group is our card class classwork for October. Each month I pick out 3 cards for the class homework and my friend picks out 3 for the classwork. I always look forward to putting together all the cards. I sometimes surprise myself when I look at what I have made. I really enjoy this.
The other group of cards are just some I had picked out while visiting other blogs. I have 2 weeks left before it will be time for the women's conference. I am getting more and more anxious as time gets closer. Wish me luck and prosperity.
Please feel free to sign my guestbook and leave me a comment. Until next time . . . . .
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Got my Homework Done

Hello Everyone!!! I spent this past week getting some of the things done that I needed to do. Of course I had to do my homework. The card to the far left is just a card that I saw and liked, so I made it. The other three cards are my October homework for our card class. I really liked these cards and was excited about trying to make them. My friend went to Nashville and spent the week with her mom. I took advantage of this past week and I am proud of the things I accomplished. Not only did I make cards, but I also cleaned out kitchen cabinets, turned my paper into the printer, and did a few things for other people.
Well Saturday morning I got up and begin to prepare for our card class. It was around 8 a.m. when I heard a knock at my door. I had no idea who it could be. When I asked who is it?, he said "Who you think?" I was so surprised to see my son. He said he got off from work in Louisville and kept on driving. He really made my day. It has been a while since he came home by himself to spend time with me. I did miss not having him bring my granddaughter. But this was like old times. It also gave him a chance to get some much needed rest. We went out to eat Sunday before he left going back to Louisville. Afterwards, we spent some time at home just talking. He left around 7 p.m. and yes, I got teary eyed. I really cherish the time when he and my granddaughter are here.
Well I guess I will be making some more cards soon. The women's conference is coming soon and I hope to be able to share my work with the ladies there. This is a first and I'm getting excited. So until next time . . . . .
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Cardmaking Saturday

Hello Everyone! I had made up my mind not to make anymore cards until after the conference, but my friend and I got together at her house Saturday morning about 11:00 a.m. I don't know what the problem was but it took me 5 hours to make 1 card. I had chosen 4 cards to make and she had asked me why that was all I chose. I didn't have an answer for her until I was working on that first card. Everything I picked up, I dropped. I was not cutting straight. I couldn't decide on which stamp to use. You name it and it happened while making my first card. I finally got it finished. I thought to myself, if each card takes 5 hours, I would have to spend the night, come back to her house again to finish, or finish them when I got back home. It was almost enough to make me pack up and go on home. Wow!!! I haven't had things to go like that in a while.. But I made it through and these are the cards I made with the exception of the first card on the left. I made that one one night at home. I don't know if I will be making anymore this week. I have to have eye surgery on Thursday and I don't know how long it will be before I can get back to cardmaking. Hopefully everything will go alright and I will be back soon. Keep checking back. I will keep you informed on my progress. So until next time . . . . .
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving to Fast

Hello Everyone!!! I have been on a roll making cards. As a matter of fact, I have been going so fast that I forgot to blog these. I made them and had put them away. I had to get them back out and blog them so you all could see them. Hope you like what you see. I will try to slow down now. We have to get ready for the Women's Conference on the 1st and 2nd of October. I'm pretty excited. I have never displayed my cards in this manner before. I'm hoping people will be as excited about seeing them as I am displaying them. So until next time . . . . .
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Brown and White Night

Hello Everyone! It's been a crazy day but I decided if I would make some cards then maybe I would calm down and relax. I have been trying to get my car repaired and you just won't believe what I have been through and the miles I have gone. Not only that, I thought all was well when the guy brought my car back to me, but to my surprise my car had been wrecked and later my sister called and said my front passenger side tire was wobbling bad. What in the world is going on?
ooh, ooh it's just a test. How well do I remember those words from my pastor during one Sunday service. So after I realized that it will be alright, I sat down and made these cards. Somehow it turned out to be Brown and White night but of course chocolate is one of my favorite colors. I did make another masculine birthday card. Hope you like the cards. Until next time . . . . .
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Seeing Double

Hello Everyone!!! The time has come for me to get back to making cards on a weekly basis. Don't think you are seeing double, but these are the cards I made. If you notice, the cards for sister, one is a belated birthday and the other is an on-time birthday. My sister politely told me that I didn't give her a birthday card this year. Her birthday was August 2nd. Well I had to make her a belated card. She told me she don't care how late it is (lol). The other 2 cards are masculine. I noticed I don't have any cards that would be for a man. Oh no, how could I! (lol). Please forgive me gentlemen. I will be making more in the near future. Remember to keep looking, Until next time . . . . .
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Back To Business

Hello Everyone!!! Well my granddaughter has gone back home. Her dad, my son, came to get her this past Saturday. As usual we both cried and my son just looks at us. It just really hurts my feelings when she has to leave. I love her sooooooo much!!!
Enough of that before the tears start rolling again. Last night I decided to make some cards. These are the ones I chose to make. I have to get my creative juices flowing again cause I have some events coming up. Hopefully I will be blogging on a regular now. Thanks for stopping by. Please take a minute and sign my guest book or leave a comment. Until next time . . . . .
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Made by Amara

Hello Everyone! I realize the weekend passed and there were no cards made by me. This pass weekend was one in which the people in our town welcome back people who moved away. There are all kinds of events during the 8th of August Celebration. Most of my family came home and we really had a good time. My son brought my granddaughter home with him. He only stayed overnight because he went on to Vegas for his vacation. I have my granddaughter here with me for the week. She wanted to make her mom a card and this is what she came up with with a little help from me. We probably will be making more cards throughout the week because it's to hot to do anything outside. So keep looking. Until next time . . . . .
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Productive Day

Hello Everyone!!! My day started off by picking some cards that I would try my hand a making. My friend and I had planned a day of cardmaking as we usually do every once in awhile. After I got myself together, I headed to her house around 10:30 a.m. I knew I had a few stops to make on the way and we wanted to get started around 11:00 a.m. Well I arrived, we got started and before we knew it time had passed on by. These cards are what I produced this Saturday. Where did the time go. I left coming back home around 10:00 p.m. I guess you could say I enjoy days like this. Hope you like my cards and as usual, thanks to those who I get my inspiration from. Until next time . . . . .
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I Hope . . . . .

Hello Everyone! I hope when you stop by to take a look at my cards, you like what you see. I hope I am an inspiration to you and the only way for me to know is for you to leave me a comment or sign my guestbook. I hope that you enjoy cardmaking or even scrapbooking as much as I do. I haven't been doing much scrapbooking lately. I can't seem to get away from cardmaking long enough. I have so many pictures that I could spend years scrapbooking and still not get them all done. I love taking pictures where ever I go. I guess you could say I'm like a person torn between two loves. Scrapbooking was my first love and that I will never forget, but my second love (cardmaking) has just came along and taken over. Well enough about my love life (lol). Here are a few cards I made during this past week. Hope you like them. Until next time . . . . .
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Oop, I Let The Weekend Pass

Hello Everyone!!! I made these cards so I could start back to blogging before the weekend is over. Well as you can see, it's Monday and I didn't get around to blogging until today. The first card is embossed. I haven't found an ink that brings out the white like I want it to, so I just emboss with white to get the effect I want. I have tried all kinds of white ink but none satisfies me. And I like to emboss. I have started working on my next three cards for this week. Next week I probably won't have any cards to blog because my family will be in town and all my time will be spent with them. I don't get to see them much and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them. Especially my son and granddaughter. My granddaughter will be staying with me for a while. I'm sure she will keep me busy. We always have fun when she comes to stay with me. We usually do whatever she wants to do and go wherever she wants to go. Isn't that how it suppose to go? (lol) My one and only. I'll try to post some photos of our time spent together cause she likes going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby too.
So until next time . . . . .
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here I Go Again . . . .

Hello Everybody!!! Yesterday was like old times. My friend and I got together at her house and spent the day making cards. The four cards in the first photo is what was the results of my days labor. I only took enough supplies to make these four cards. Then when I finished them, I wished I had brought more. We were so wrapped up in our cardmaking that we didn't even know it was pouring down rain until we heard the thunder. I left after the rain stopped.
The next photo is of the cards I made tonight at home. I'm trying to get ready for the card bazaar in October and also I'm brainstorming about displaying my cards in other areas in the city. Making cards is a form of therapy for me. It helps me to relax and it takes my mind off all the troubles of the world. If I could figure out how to bottle and sell the peace of mind I feel when making cards, I think I would be rich (lol). Oh well, back to reality. I hope you like the cards. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time . . . . .
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Take a Look

Hello Everyone! Here are some more cards I made this week. I also made three more, but they will be done in our card class so I can't blog them yet. I used my Martha Stewart scoring board to make the first card. Haven't got to use it much. I'm waiting on my score buddy to arrive. I don't think it has been shipped yet because they were out of stock. Just got to be patient. Hopefully it won't take as long for me to get it as it took for my Marthat Stewart scoring board. It was three months before that shipment came in to Michael's here. It was worth the wait even though I haven't made many cards with it. There will be more, I promise. My friend and I haven't had the time to get together and make any cards lately. Our schedules have been hectic, but we hope we can spend this Wednesday making cards and discussing our class plans together like we use to. You know sometimes life just takes you in a different direction than you want to go. I'm trying to stay on track and keep my blog up to date but please don't stop looking if I derail for a minute (lol). Again I thank those designers from which I recieve my inspiration. Until next time . . . . .
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the Business

Hello Everyone! The rush is somewhat over and now it's back to business. What business you ask? Making cards . . . then sharing them with you. Here are some I made this week. Hope you like them. I still haven't got my momentum back yet, but I'm hoping it shows up soon. Thanks to all the cardmakers and designers for all their inspiration. I have some more plans in the works and will let you know more about them as I get the ends tied up. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time. . . . .
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Handmade Greeting Card Bazaar

Hello Everyone!!! Well time finally arrived for our Handmade Greeting Card Bazaar. We got our stations set up and we waited and waited. Finally our first customer arrived. We didn't have a crowd of people, but we want the ones who attended to know how much we appreicated their support. This was a learning experience for us and we will be having more bazaars. My cards will be on display during the Collarborative Women's Conference in October. I will be blogging more about this event as time approaches. The photos here are of me and my station. Be sure to look on down at the other photos from the bazaar. I am planning on getting back to blogging cards as I continue to make them. Now that the bazaar is over, maybe things will get somewhat back to normal for a month or two anyway. Thanks for stopping by and please be sure to leave a comment or sign my guestbook. Until next time . . . . .

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Handmade Greeting Card Bazaar (next)

Here is the participants in the bazaar. Even though we are small in number, we have a whole lot of fun. Of course we have one more. She (Sis. Lanette Weatherspoon) is taking the picture, but she is pictured in the last photo here. In this first photo from left to right is Evangelist Melanie Nunn, Sis. Martha Milliken, Sis. Linda Dungey (sitting) and Sis. Sherona Crim. The next photo is focusing on the fact that Sis. Milliken has made her a name tag with some of her favorite butterflies made with the Martha Stewart punch. It was so cute. We are so proud of her. She has really excelled since we first started and that's what it's all about.
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Handmade Greeting Card Bazaar (more)

Everyone was busy working and getting set up. We also took the time to visit with each other and discuss the class work and homework for this month. Pictured from top to bottom is Evangelist Menlane Nunn working on pricing her cards. Next is Sister Linda Dungey and Sister Martha Milliken discussing some plans for their homework assignment before the bazaar starts. Next is Sister Lanettte Weatherspoon making sure she has everything ready and last is Evangelist Nunn, Sister Mildred Arnold and Sister Dungey. Sister Arnold was a customer who came by to support us and purchase a few cards.

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Handmade Greeting Card Bazaar cont.

Well finally our first customer, Sister Valerie Newsome. She came in and brought life to the bazaar. Even though we didn't have a crowd of people, we still had fun with those who did attend. We want them to know we appreciated their support. Sister Newsome was our first door prize winner. She said the set of cards she won was so pretty she might not want to give them away. Sister Mattie Bryant won the second door prize and Minister Donna Hawkins won the third door prize. They are pictured in that order. We have began plans for our next bazaar. We hope you will be able to attend. Thanks for viewing my blog. Until next time . . . . .

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