Friday, July 17, 2009

Cardmaking Day Gone Wild

Well Hello everyone. My friend and I met on Wednesday around 11 a.m to make cards. O.K., I must confess that we were suppose to meet at 10:30, but I made this brilliant decision to take a different turn to get to her house quicker and that turned out to be the wrong thing to do. I went down some roads that I have never seen before in my life and I have lived here for 52 years. Well after going and going, I decided I had better turn around and go back. I even called my friend to let her know why I hadn't arrived and while trying to explain, my cell phone dropped the call. What a crazy start for the day. I finally got back to the street I was familiar with and made it on to my freinds house. She was really laughing at me. Then we seriously got down to business. Here are the cards I made. Usually we would make three cards, but now we choose which cards we want to make the night before so when we get together we have more time to make more cards. I made eight cards. The one at the bottom is a remake because I had given the two of that kind away to friends for their birthday. It is one of my favorites. Hope you see some you like and make them. Again, thanks to all the ladies on some of my favorite blogs for their cardmaking. They help keep me inspired.

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