Saturday, March 13, 2010

Card Class for March 6th

Hello everyone, Hope all is well with you. We had our card class on the 6th of March, but it must have been one of those days. Believe it or not, nobody showed for class. We had some sick, some out of town and some that just didn't show. Well the class knows they have until the end of the month to show us their work. Hopefully they have made some beautiful cards. Here are the ones I made. At the top are the one we would have made in class and the others are the homework that was due. Our next class is April 10th and I hope we will have our class back together. When we don't get together it just feels like something is missing. We had a gift for the person who had the most points for this 3 months and the winner was Sis. Linda Dungey. I know she will be pleased with the gift. It was a can which can be used for trash when she make cards. It is filled with ink, stamps, copic markers, etc. Congratulations Sister Dungey!
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