Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Hello Everyone,
It has been sooooo long since I have posted to my blog and for that I hope you can forgive me. My life has made a big change and it seems like I just don't have the time I need to get things done. As you can see, I haven't posted since October. Well, October 3rd was the day that my life changed. After waiting a lot of years, God sent a man into my life and I truly thank him. This man was not a stranger cause we have known each other for years. I just can't explain what a difference he has made in my life. Christmas was oh so good. My 54th birthday in January, he gave me a surprise party. The first one I've ever had. I am just so blessed! Thank you Jesus. But also, I try my hardest to make sure he is happy. Oh well, enough of that cause I could go on and on.
This is my submission for a card challenge I participated in for a friend. I have made some other Valentine's Day cards that I will post later. Hopefully, I will get my time better arranged so I can get back to cardmaking and scrapbooking. I have really missed it.
So until next time . . . . .

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