Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh What A Relief It Is!

Hello everyone, here are the cards I came up with yesterday from Poetic Artistry's new release challenge. I had had a hard week and a cold on top of it and needed some time to get away from home and make some cards. That always seems to relax me. I went to my friends house and we got busy. I felt better after we began. If cardmaking could be bottled and sold I believe it makes you feel just as good as some medicine. So until next time. . . . .
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  1. Oh My Goodness Kaye,

    These cards are so beautiful. I love the concepts of them and they seem so easy to do. Keep up the good work. I t old Lanette that I am going to get myself in so much trouble because I have been looking for religious stamps and I found them, and now I can have fun just like you.