Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday & Tuesday Cards

Hello Everyone. After attending church Sunday and then going to Michael's after church, I found myself at home with nothing to do. Well, nothing I really wanted to do. So guess what I ended up doing. I chose the three cards at the top to make. Yes, I made them Sunday and I'm just getting around to blogging them. I thought the card in the middle was just so pretty and I was not sure if I could get it to look like the sample but I think I did a good job. I'm learning how to do more and more.
Last night I couldn't sleep so I ended up making the other two cards. I can't believe I'm making more cards that I have to color.
My friend and I probably won't have any time to get together to make cards this week, but we will probably be doing something if it's just visiting. My 9 year old granddaughter will be coming to visit me for a few days starting tomorrow. She likes to scrapbook, so I know I'll have to do some pages with her. If and when we do, I will blog them. She is also in to making doll clothes and I promised her I would take her to Hobby Lobby to buy material. So I think I had better get some rest tonight cause I know she will be full of ideas of things for us to do.
Until next time . . . . .
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